The Year Ahead


The year ahead has started out with a big bang this January as the museum is preparing for various events, restoration projects, and much more.

This February, our very own Barry Smith and Jim Jenkins will be joining other aviation museum attendees from last year’s now bi-annual Mutual Concerns conference, to host a first ever “off-year” conference ourselves as the “Aviation Heritage Group.”  Our first one will happen February 17th through the 20th in Las Vegas, Nevada at the National Atomic Testing Museum. This will be a unique meeting that is particularly focused on the needs of the air and space museum community both nationally and internationally. Barry will be one of the speakers on the panel in this three day seminar. The next Mutual Concerns will be held in the New York area in 2016.

We are looking forward to Spring season and are thrilled to be shifting from winter hours of operation to spring/summer. If you are planning on making your way up to Skagit Valley for the annual Skagit Tulip Festival during the month of April we encourage you to stop by the museum to visit our restoration shop, take a tour around our hangars, and perhaps even sit in one of our flying aircrafts in our resting area.

“Parent Days”, as we like to call it, will be approaching in just a couple of months. If your mothers and fathers are aircraft enthusiasts take a trip up to our museum for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day! There is nothing more pleasant than taking the family up to see unique aircrafts on a warm, sunny weekend and enjoy the beautiful restoration work as the North Cascades sing in the background of the airfield.

Last year, the North Cascades Vintage Fly-In was a huge success, we had record breaking attendance from both participants and spectators and the weather deities could not have been more kind to us. This year, we are planning on supporting even more participants – making the 2015 North Cascades Vintage Fly-In be the best one yet! So mark your calendars and plan on coming out to the Concrete Mears Field Airport (3W5) in the last weekend on July. Our fuel station is up and running for all members who would like discounted fuel. If you haven’t renewed your membership and would like to do so before the festivities, please click here.

The museum staff is planning out their annual schedule to fly out with a handful of our aircrafts to various Fly-In’s around the country and we are planning on sharing their stories with you over the Summer and Fall months.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming events and Fly-In’s. The museum is planning on doing something very special this year and some exclusive, special events may be hosted in the Fall season.


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