Tail Surfaces Fabrication Cont.

In  past month we`ve had custom Main landing gear shock strut springs fabricated along with  custom 5 leaf tailwheel spring set up . A new aluminum Flat pack Oil Cooler for the P&W 1340 arrived from Pacific oil cooler this week , we are fabricating mounts for it`s location on top of the engine mount, Mounting bracketts are being fabricated for the fuel system`s wobble pump and fuel screen off of the L/H side of the engine mount/firewall.


Bob Halls beautiful BullDog V-1 during rollout on August 15th, Three flights were made in this configurationin during next  two days. Bob Hall felt the original small tail which is claimed to be the most attractive and was more than adequate. Premo Galletti a 16 year old Jr. Draftemen for Bob documented the entire construction and every flight of the Bulldog until it was flown to Roosevelt field, NY for Thaw to fly the Bulldog in the 1932 Bendix. History tells that Thaw was not happy with the Bulldog, Feelings have surfaced throughout the years that Thaw was just behind the power curve when it came to flying the BullDog. Bob flew the BullDog directly to Cleveland to race in the 1932 Thompson . Copies from Bob Halls pilot log will show all his flights in the BullDog next month.


With completion of the horizontal stabilizer, fabrication of the R/H elevator begins, lots of tubing and welding!


Another shot with the airfoil shaped 5/16″ &  3/8″  ribs being fit in place.


All ribs tac welded in place and ready for the bottom ribs to be installed and welded, a 1932 shape happening again!


Final welding of the R/H elevator Bottom side,  The Tig welding allows you to get in and out with out a lot of distortion.


With the R/h elevator completed the L/H elevator base structure is tac in place.

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  1. Rodrigo Arima
    Rodrigo Arima says:

    Dear Team
    I need information of the Hall Bulldog.
    I have a problem with the wing there are diferent arrows angles of the wings.
    Could you send me a good plans or or information about this?

    Thank you, I look foward your information

  2. Shinichi Iwami
    Shinichi Iwami says:

    Dear sirs,

    I run a model kit company in Japan.
    The next model will be the Bulldog with its inner frame made of nickel-silver.
    Could you give me some advice ?
    I need the plans and the permission for using the image of Robert Hall and his Bulldog
    for commercial use. I will sell 500 set of this model kit.
    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,
    Shinichi Iwami, AEROBASE, inc.

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