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Arlington Fly-In Is Here

The annual Arlington Fly-In is underway at the Arlington airport just a short flight south of Concrete. This is the biggest fly-in of the year for our area and the museum once again has a strong presence at the vintage barn display. Our perennially popular Ryan STA-Special is parked out front of the barn again […]

EAA Chapter 404 Visits The Museum

With the days getting a bit longer, and a bit warmer, we are starting to see more visitors to 3W5. Earlier this month a group of pilots from the EAA chapter in Bellingham flew in (and drove in) for a visit. Chapter 404 member Kerry Sim sent in some photos from the visit, which he […]

Out With the Old Door, In With a New Door

Last year as we started pulling apart the SR-9, there were several layers of surprise as there often is in restoring an airplane. Overall the Stinson was in good shape, it had flown recently, but there were definite signs of old age and weather. The main cabin doors were a perfect example of something that […]

The Reliant Door Tells The Story

Ever since getting the fabric off of the Stinson SR-9C Reliant we acquired last winter, it’s been no secret that there is a lot of work to be done on this airplane. Most of the wood work will have to be redone and there’s a fair amount of metal work as well.

Stinson SR-9C Bare Frame

The Stinson has been stripped bare. With the exception of the tailwheel, every part, wire, piece of wood and bolt has been removed from the SR-9C’s frame. There are a few repairs that need to be made (see picture below of a broken piece of tubing where the step attaches to the frame), and once […]

Fabric Is Off The SR-9C

Initially we hoped we could just sand and repaint the fabric on the Stinson, but after closer inspection it was apparent more work was needed. So this week the fabric was removed from the fuselage. It was carefully removed so it can be used as reference when it’s time to recover the airplane. The bad […]

Stinson Is In Concrete

A little over a month ago, we managed to get back down to Kenmore and get the Stinson off of the floats and loaded on to the trailer. After a some careful driving, it made the trip north. So far we’ve manged to pull much of the cockpit apart, including the doors. Much of the […]

Moving The Stinson

Well we’ve made our first trip down to Kenmore to start taking apart the new Stinson. It’s spent the latest chapter of its life on floats, so we need to get it off the floats, on a trailer and up to Concrete. On the first trip we only managed to get the control surfaces off, […]