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Fabrication Continues on Bulldog Controls

Despite a lack of updates here on the website, work continues progressing on the Bulldog. It’s been a busy summer with a handful of airshows and other airplanes that need attention, but the one constant here in the maintenance hangar is constant progress on the Hall Springfield Bulldog. One of the tricky parts for Jim, […]

Bulldog Landing Gear Continues

Fabrication on the landing gear continues at a rapid pace. The day of the bulldog sitting on its own landing gear is fast approaching and will be the first time a Bulldog has been on its landing gear in 80 years. After measuring and marking and triangulating the fuselage is ready for test fit After Fabrication, cutting […]

Engine On The Bulldog

Since our last update showing the changes made to the engine mount on the Hall Springfield Bulldog, it should be no surprise that Jim decided to hang the engine to see how the new mounts worked and to start fitting other firewall forward parts for fabrication. In the photo above you can see the initial […]

Hall Bulldog Gets A New Engine Mount

One of the great things about restoring or recreating a classic airplane is that the learning never ends. In the twenty or so years Jim has been working on, thinking about and researching the Hall Springfield Bulldog, there have been many resources for gathering the history and details about the air racer. We’ll have more […]

More Work On Bulldog Gear

We’re continue to make lots of progress on the Bulldog these days. landing gear is coming together and we’ve installed bushings on the gear pylons along with grease fittings. The landing gear on the Bulldog is an interesting design combining ideas from a few other airplanes including the gullwing Stinson. Above you can see the […]

Hall Bulldog Landing Gear On The Way

It’s been a lot of fun seeing the progress being made on the Bulldog over the past month. In addition to the fuselage welding being done to strengthen the frame, a lot of time is being spent on the landing gear and engine mount. Like many airplanes of its era, especially one-off air racers, there […]