Staggerwing with Brian White at Controls

Staggerwing with Brian White at Controls

The Beech D17-S Staggerwing N25K comes to us by the good nature and generosity of the John Desmond’s family and estate. She was manufactured by Beech on 04-11-44 as a military variant of the prewar D17-S and following completion was flown with three groups of Staggerwings to various bases in the northeast United States for their planned boat trip on a lend lease program slated for Great Britain and WWII. Our N25K flew into Fort Dix, NJ., was disassembled and loaded on a ship bound for England. She served during the war from July of 1944-December 1944, during which time she flew 282:00 hours, and upon wars end the Staggerwing was shipped back to the US and declared surplus by the War assets administrator.

After the war, on August 12, 1946 the C.A.A. (now F.A.A.) took over ownership of N25K and flew her another 210:00 hours flying N25K from Washington , D.C. to Bangor , Maine and from LaGuardia, N.Y. to Pittsburg ,PA then selling her to A.S. Wikstrom Inc. of NY state who operated N25K up to 1956 and piled up another 1024:00 hours. In late 1956, N25K went in to dry storage till November of 1977 when J.K. Desmond became the second civilian owner and would own her until NCVAM would take over the reins on 10-02-15, with a total time of 1490:00 T.T. on the original engine and airframe.


Beech D17-S Staggerwing N25K


Empty Weight:

Gross Weight:

Wing Span:

Wing Area:


Fuel Capacity:

Max Speed:

Cruise Speed:

Stall Speed:



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