On May 26th, 1934 T. Claude Ryan established Ryan Aeronautical Company. The first design by the new company was the Ryan ST powered by the 95 horsepower Mensaco B4-5 inline engine. The next model was the Ryan ST-A with a 125 Menasco C4 engine. The next model was the Ryan ST-A Special powered by a supercharged 150 horsepower Menasco Pirate C-4S. In 1939 The Us Air Corps acquired an ST-A for evaluation under the designation YPT-16. 15 YPT-16s were ordered.

This ST-A Special was restored 25 years ago by owner Bill Rose of Illinois. It was brought back from Mexico as a complete basket case. In July of 2001 the ST-A Special was purchased by Carl Terrana of Buckley WA. Due to his untimely death the it was purchased from the Terrana estate in November of 2005 by Harold Hanson for his flying museum in Concrete Washington. The aircraft was completely checked over, reassembled, and rigged per Ryan manual.


Ryan ST-A Special N17368 s/n 173

Engine: Menasco C-4S 150hp

Empty Weight: 1058 lbs

Gross Weight: 1575 lbs

Wing Span: 30′

Length: 21′ 5 3/8″

Fuel Capacity: 24 gallons


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