Prepping for Flying Season and the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Fly-In

Fairchild 22 Monocoupe 110 Special DeHaviland  Pussmoth

The rainy season is slowly but surely receding, giving room for longer and sunnier days, clear skies, and bringing out all aircraft enthusiasts to Spring and Summer Fly-Ins, camping, and much more. There is a special feeling in the air when you know that a Fly-In is just around the corner, but what does it take to really inspire such a large event to go from a drawing on a notepad to reality? What does it take to make a successful Fly-In?

What you need is a common dream, a little bit of perseverance, and passion. And one other very important thing: community.

Drew Jenkins stated that “the community is what really makes a Fly-In successful. People with the same passions pack up their planes for the weekend, grab their family members, and take off; going to Fly-Ins all over the country and simply enjoying the summertime”. Drew’s favorite part of planning at Mears field is the very beginning of the setup – that means that the event is just a few days away and soon all the airplanes will start showing up.

Our president, Barry Smith believes that for a successful Fly-In to happen you have to always improve from past experiences and grow with the community, start early with preparations and planning, keep an open eye for potential participants, and of course to have fun!

The initial process starts off with the summer community fair. NCVAM’s founder and staff are the tenants of Mears field and have been so committed over the years it’s created a wonderful place for aviation enthusiast family picnics and community fairs which draws in everyone from around the PNW throughout the entire summer.

Barry shares: “My most favorite part of the Fly-In here is being among the aviation tribe – the people, pilots, families, fans, enthusiasts whose warmth, commitment, knowledge, and love of aviation never fails to humble and excite me”.

We hope to see both returning and new faces at this year’s North Cascades Vintage Fly-In and guarantee that this one will be the best one yet!

For more information about the Fly-In please click here.

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