Pietenpol Sky Scout Progress

pietenpol sky scout 3

Our Pietenpol Sky Scout has been a background project for a few years now, but has received some regular attention the past few months. We’ve made some progress with the landing gear including acquiring some new covers for the spoke wheels. We have some new springs on the way and once we get the tires installed and the tail skid, we will have to check the airplane on the ground to make sure the gear provides the proper attitude.

pietenpol sky scout wheels

Once we have the landing gear figured out, the next step will be to put the fuselage in a level flight attitude and put the wings on the fuselage so we can build out the cabane style wing struts.

The last piece getting some work done is the ash engine mount for our air/oil cooled Model A engine that we plan on powering our Sky Scout. Originally the Sky Scout was designed to use the less expensive and older Model T engine (back in the early 1930s) as an inexpensive, single-seat alternative to its big brother, the Air Camper.

So with the Model A engine, our Sky Scout will be very fast, maybe even cruising over 60 mph!


Above you can see the spacious cockpit in the Sky Scout and part of the engine mount. Should be a real fun plane to fly once we get it finished.

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