New and Exciting things coming to the Museum

We have some new and exciting material coming to the Museum over the next couple of months so please check back here often. One in particular will be having aviation fuel on hand here at the Airport that will hopefully be up and running by the end of May.This will be a great advantage in operating  our Vinatge Aircraft that we keep here at the Museum


The Clipwing Monocoupe “The Spirit Of Dynamite” Journey will begin in Franklin PA on May 21st and will be covered by our media crew as the trip progresses across the country back here to Concrete, WA. We are looking forward to this newest addition to the collection and look forward to showing her off to the public.

clipped wing monocoup2

Another new addition to the Fleet is a 1937 Rearwin 9000L Deluxe. The airplane was acquired in Dover, NH and then proceeded to cross the country back here to Concrete,WA. We plan on putting her back together in the near future and assembling the 90 H.P. KenRoyce five cylinder radial. The airplane is in great shape. This particular Rearwin Sportster was owned by the late Darren Banfield a well known antiquer on the East Coast. The story about the airplane will follow shortly.


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