The Mooney Mite is a low wing, single place monoplane with a retractable tricycle landing gear. The cockpit has a steel tube cage for the seat frame to the engine mount. The aft fuselage is a monocoque plywood structure. It has a one piece wooden wing and a fully interconnected flap and trip system.

Mooney Aircraft, Inc was formed in 1946 in Wichita, Kansas by Albert W. Mooney and Charles G. Yankey, both former executives at Culver Aircraft Corp. The company certified its first aircraft, the single place Mooney Mite in 1948, with the Crosley auto engine in the first 10 which proved to ne a unsuitable power plant due to poor adaptability for aircraft use.

This particular Mooney Mite Serial #315 N4149E was built in 1953 with the Continental A-65. The restoration started in 1997 and completed in 2000 by father and son Ben and Paul Workmen. It was a complete ground up restoration which won the father son team a major award at Oshkosh. The airplane was featured on the cover of November of 2001 EAA’s Vintage Magazine. In 2003 the plane was purchased by Harold Hanson and added to his flying museum in Concrete Washington.


Mooney Mite M-18C N4148E s/n315

Engine: Continental A-65-12 65hp
Empty Weight: 520 lbs
Gross Weight: 850 lbs
Wing Span: 26’10 1/2″
Length: 17’8″
Fuel: 12 gallons


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