Mirror finish is complete


With Andy getting the NEW 120 wheelpant upto a mirror shine, we`re ready for the Dark green trim on the raised beaded body line, hours and hours just on these two parts!! but the little 120 will be nice!


Fitting the new wheel pant bracketts and overhauled brake calipers, a formed streamlined cuff will cover all of this.


After many hours, of nitpicking , sanding, and buffing were ready for the trim paint layout and masking will begin. The skins are are all original and 65 years old , so they needed quite a bit of work!!


The left wing after sanding and shooting two cross coats of Randolph Butyrate silver, Aero graphics stencils are used to mask the Nc letters, again in forrest Green, almost  there!


The R/H wing ready for some Green!

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