Meet Volunteer Jeff Horn

by Jeffrey L Horn 

I am a volunteer here at North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum. I have been interested in aircraft starting as a child building “stick and tissue” models many of which are represented here at the museum. I can remember my father, a private pilot himself helping me to trim these models to fly predictably or at least fly.

This early infatuation with flying machines naturally lead me to working on aircraft professionally. I obtained my “Airman Mechanic” certificate with an “A&P” rating in the mid 1980’s and began working on Helicopters, moving to the Southern California area. After meeting my wife to be, I thought that the helicopter maintenance industry was a little transient for family life and I went to work for McDonnell Douglas Aircraft. I have worked for a couple of transport category aircraft manufacturers and maintenance companies since then. The last 14 years I have been an Engineering Technician here in the Skagit Valley. These last 14 years I have missed working on aircraft although the discipline required is similar. 

In a “nutshell”, I still enjoy the feeling of being around aircraft, especially older ones. The simple sound resonated through a fabric covered aircraft or the sound of a low RPM engine is part of the reason I have been living here in Concrete for the last couple of years. I have my own “rag and tube” homebuilt aircraft project in the shop at home. A Sisler SF-2A, Cygnet about 30% complete.

 I cannot imagine what my life might have been like without this interest in aircraft. My wife and I met while at “A&P School”, and yes, she has worked on aircraft for many years also. I would hope that there are other people that are as infatuated with older aircraft as I am. It only seems right to help keep this museum operational for all those other people who have yet to experience a sunny day at the “air patch”.