Fred Ludtke w NC2064

Ludtkes & Monocoupes Reunion BBQ Sunday June 22, 2014

The Ludtkes & The Monocoupes Reunite!!!

Fred Ludtke w NC2064

Join us here at the Vintage Aircraft Museum in Concrete, WA on Sunday, June 22nd for a celebration and reunion of the Ludkes and the Monocoupes!  The legendary Fred Ludtke will be on hand with his family including his sons Rick and Marc to reconnect with the clip wing  Monocoupe 110 Special “Spirit of Dynamite” upon its return to the museum after being in Pennsylvania with it’s owner of 15 years, Richard Smith. Richard cherished the plane as evident in the beautiful farewell image below taken by his daughter Piper Smith Schofield:

RichardSmith Monocoupe 110 Special

We also have the long wing Monocoupe 90AW NC18166 on hand, now in project stage.  It’s really special to have these two planes together! Here’s a picture we took a few years ago of Fred with the long wing Monocoupe, along side the picture our mechanics Drew and Brian took upon arriving in PA to pick up the clip wing Monocoupe:

Fred Ludtke and long wing Monocoupe 90AW NC18166       1937 clip wing Monocoupe 110 Special "Spirit of Dynamite"

Also joining us will be Fred’s two sons, Rick and Marc – here they are below with their dad and the NC18166 in December of 1969…

Fred, Rick and Marc Ludtke Monocoupe 90AW NC18166

 Fred, Rick and Marc Ludtke with the long wing Monocoupe 90AW

For those of you new to vintage aircraft and legendary pilots that flew them, Fred Ludtke is one of the most well known aerobatic pilots in the region.  He flew these planes in over 200 airshows! The Monocoupe’s of course also have some incredible history and  stories to share.  For example, Jackie Cochran (the first woman to break the sound barrier among other things) set a woman’s speed record flying the Monocoupe NC2064 (see more about Jackie and her amazing story). Fred, flying the long wing Monocoupe challenged another famous pilot, Harold Neumann, to a mock race with Harold piolting another long wing. This video from 1978 of Fred and Harold below is courtesy the Ludtke family…

We’d love to see a nice crowd whether you are flying or driving! We plan to have lots of great food and should also have our fuel station up and running by then!

Arrival & Parking

For those flying in, aircraft parking is east of the museum buildings and will be directed to parking area with orange cones; no aircraft parking south of the runway.

Arriving pilots should monitor and communicate on 122.9 as they approach the airport. Upon landing, pilots will be directed to the best available parking where they will be met by ground personnel who will help them with the parking.

For those driving, please see our directions here:

Information the town of Concrete:

It is required that you required a minimum of liability insurance on your aircraft if you are flying into the Mears/Concrete Airport. Please utilize safety precautions at all times. All spectator viewing areas will be north of the active runway and around the Museum buildings. If you must cross the runway, please exercise caution in doing so.

No low fast passes upon taking off are permitted.

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