Meet our Volunteer Coordinator and Museum Director Julie Hubner!  Julie is a great friend to us at the museum and is flight instructor to one of our staffers, Brian White. She lives in Washington State, but she is originally from Great Britain where her father served in the Royal Air Force as an engineer.

Hubner was employed at Rolls Royce working on the Pegasus engine project that powered the Harriet Jump Jet aircraft before she became a full time flight instructor. She advises young women wanting to be pilots to find any way possible to be around aircraft such as joining your local ROTC program or visiting aviation businesses at your local airport. She also recommends visiting museums like ours which is where her student, Brian White, found his love of aviation.

Join Julie and our great team in our mission to Keep History Flying!

Volunteering Benefits

  • Learn about vintage aircraft
  • Meet people who love to keep history flying!
  • Enjoy connecting people to vintage aircraft and history
  • Use your skills in a meaningful way
  • Have fun!
  • Free membership to the museum

Yes, I want to volunteer!


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