Members of the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum are a crucial part of our long term mission of preserving and sharing our collection of aircraft with aviation enthusiasts from around the world. We offer several different membership levels starting at just $40. Your membership will help us grow our education programs, develop our museum displays and continue our ability to maintain, restore and share the amazing aircraft that formed the backbone of general aviation for decades.

The North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum is not a museum about static displays. We are a very active museum and our aircraft fly on a regular basis. Our members enjoy generous benefits including invitations to aircraft exercise days and restoration seminars, as well as opportunities to fly in museum aircraft and enjoy a weekend stay in our hangar apartment.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and contributions and donations are tax deductible.

Many of our memberships include opportunities to fly in museum aircraft on days when the aircraft are taken out for their exercise. These flight days will be posted in advance and emailed to members. Rides are usually around 30 minutes and will be given on a first come, first serve basis. Not all aircraft are available for rides at all times.

Scheduled rides are arranged with the member in advance and can be scheduled at your convenience (weather and availability permitting).

Join us today and help us preserve aviation for future generations! All members receive a guided tour to museum aircraft, our membership newsletter and invitations to members-only events such as restoration seminars.

Solo – $40

Navigator – $125 – Includes an exercise ride in one of our light trainers.

Pilot – $250 – Includes an exercise ride in one of our larger open cockpit our cabin cruiser airplanes.

Barnstormer – $500 – Includes a scheduled 30 minute ride and two exercise rides in the airplane of your choice.

Legend – $1000 – Includes Barnstormer benefits and a weekend stay in the fully furnished North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum hangar apartment.

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Interested in a lifetime membership or have any questions about our membership program? Contact us at –