Jim Jenkins And Our Stinson Junior SM-8A


You may recall that about this time, two years ago, we acquired the Stinson Junior SM-8A. This plane seats four, instead of six like its brother the Detroiter. Junior was aimed at the private owner, initially with a 110 HP Scarab engine. Later more powerful models were produced with 200+HP engines from Lycoming and Wright (ours has a Lycombing R-680-17).

A Depression-era plane, the SM-8A could fly at 100 miles per hour and was able to offer a great value of a price tag of under $6000 and features of aircraft that cost double. The airplane load was 1134 lbs and had a range of 500 miles out of the factory.

Here you can see a video of our masterful Jim Jenkins in the midst of restoring this glorious aircraft. Eventually you’ll see the aircraft with its original features like roll down windows and wooden control wheels. But for now…well, check out the detailed restoration in progress by one of the nation’s best (we are so lucky to have him!):

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