Interview with pilot Erin Brueggen of EAA Vintage Aircraft Association


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It seems that every month is a good month to celebrate women in aviation here at NCVAM!
Recently we spoke to Erin Brueggen, the Executive Administrator at EAA Vintage Aircraft Association in Oshkosh, WI.

Here is what she had to say:
NCVAM: When did you learn to fly and in what plane?
Erin Brueggen: I started flying at the age of 16, in a Piper Cherokee 140
(I don’t have a picture of that plane, but I included one of a Piper Cherokee 180)

NCVAM: Tell us a bit about your background?
Erin Brueggen: I grew up on a farm in Coon Valley, WI. Numerous times during the summer months, two to three C-17s based out of Fort McCoy, would fly up out of the valley and fly directly over the farm. At times they flew so low we could wave to the pilots. I told my parents I wanted to do that someday, I wanted to be a pilot. My parents researched many options for me making it possible to start flying at age 16.  Becoming a pilot was always a desire of my dad’s.  He said that he has lived his dream of flying through me. My parents have always supported me in my aviation endeavors. Without their help and support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

NCVAM: How long have you been with the Vintage Aircraft Association and what is your role?
Erin Brueggen: I’ve been with the EAA Vintage Aircraft Association for 6 months as their Executive Administrator.

NCVAM: What would you say to other women considering learning to fly?
Erin Brueggen: Flying leads you to more than adventures in airplanes.  It leads your adventures in life. These adventures start with numerous aviation events.  Events which lead to passionate and friendly people with whom you build relationships that last a lifetime. Flying brings a sense of freedom and confidence. It is something that no one can take away from you and will stay with you for the rest of your life.

NCVAM: What other women pilots do you admire?
Erin Brueggen: I admire all women who fly especially those women in the military. Those who have given their lives to serving our country and being away from their loved ones. It truly shows how dedicated they are to their career, country and love of flying.

NCVAM: What are your favorite planes in your collection? And what are your faves in ours?
Erin Brueggen: EAA collection: I always stop and admire the GEE BEE Air Racer. I think all the Gee Bee airplanes are unique especially the powerful fast ones!
NCVAM collection: Every airplane in your collection is instructing and unique. I have not had the experience to fly in all these types of planes but if I was to pick one, the WACO! The airplane itself is a beauty and I love the open cockpit bi-plane. With having experienced flying in an open cockpit, I think the WACO would be an exciting experience.

Thank you Erin. It is always a pleasure to meet pilots from around the world.
Learn more about EAA Vintage Aircraft Association here.

Wishing you clear skies.
Fly on.

NCVAM 062215 Erin

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