Getting Ready For The Concrete North Cascades Fly-In

Everybody has been busy up here at 3W5 for the past several days getting ready for the fly in. Grass is being mowed, airplanes are being washed, and final preparations are being made to welcome vintage airplane enthusiasts from around the region.

Here at the museum, everybody has been busy trying to get ready for the weekend. In addition to getting ready, work continues on some of the airplanes, including the newest short wing Piper, the Vagabond.

There was also some airplane shuffling that took place this week. The Call Air that was so popular at the Arlington Fly-In this year was moved into one of the main display hangars where it sits happy after getting so much scrubbing and polishing.

We’re looking forward to another fantastic fly-in again in 2011, and hope you’ll be able to join us here in Concrete. More information about the fly-in can be found here. Drop by and say hello.

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