Fairchild`s popular “ Parasol 22 ” was new and improved for 1932. Installation of the 4 Cylinder inverted Menasco C4 of 125 horsepower offered features that were to promise snappy live wire performance. Fit and trim with elegant lines were the words most spoken in regard to the “ New 22 ”. With its new streamlined “ Sport- Type” landing gear along with its wing perched up high off the ground, the 22 C-7-B was a very handsome machine.

As powered with the Menasco C4 125 engine, performance was pleasant, capable of acrobatics, light on the controls, the 22 C-7-B was a pilots dream. Due to the rough economic conditions brought on by the great depression, production was very limited and with the introduction of Fairchild`s cabin F-24 people were beginning to see the open cockpit machines days were limited.

Various other inline and Small Radial engines were offered in the “ 22” series. Production run of the Fairchild 22 C-7-B culminated after 9 production aircraft.

Our NC13167 was built up to be Fairchild`s Factory demonstrator, thus was equipped with all the Deluxe fairings , metal prop, Deluxe paint scheme, brakes and a tailwheel. Our F 22 C-7-B was restored twenty years ago by Bill Worman of Orcas Island, WA. Bill passed four years ago and left the Fairchild to the family. The Museum found out about this rare machine and worked out a purchase plan and acquired the machine in the fall of 2011.

The Museum restoration shop went through the airplane and completed a refreshing of the paint and many new sheet metal fairings , bringing her to her deluxe configuration seen here. Without a doubt the F-22 C-7-B is one delightful flying airplane, as are all Fairchild`s.


Fairchild 22-C-7-B NC13167 s/n 1506 ATC # 483

Engine: Menasco Pirate

Empty Weight: 1010 lbs

Gross Weight: 1750 lbs

Wing Span: 31′ 10″

Wing Area: 170 sq ft

Airfoil: N-22

Fuel Capacity: 37 gallons

Oil Capacity: 3 gallons

Max Speed: 125 mph

Cruise Speed: 106 mph

Stall Speed: 45 mph

Range: 400 Miles


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