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Culver Cadet LFA

Al Mooney’s wooden wonders keep popping up here at the North Cascades Vintage Aero Museum Al Hook of Los Angeles, CA has donated his long time treasure with a 56 year ownership of  Culver Cadet LFA,  S/N 315, NC37806. A little history regarding  Al and his Cadet – Al bought the little wooden speedster to […]

Pietenpol Sky Scout Progress

Our Pietenpol Sky Scout has been a background project for a few years now, but has received some regular attention the past few months. We’ve made some progress with the landing gear including acquiring some new covers for the spoke wheels. We have some new springs on the way and once we get the tires […]

Fabrication Continues on Bulldog Controls

Despite a lack of updates here on the website, work continues progressing on the Bulldog. It’s been a busy summer with a handful of airshows and other airplanes that need attention, but the one constant here in the maintenance hangar is constant progress on the Hall Springfield Bulldog. One of the tricky parts for Jim, […]

Tail Surfaces Fabrication Cont.

In  past month we`ve had custom Main landing gear shock strut springs fabricated along with  custom 5 leaf tailwheel spring set up . A new aluminum Flat pack Oil Cooler for the P&W 1340 arrived from Pacific oil cooler this week , we are fabricating mounts for it`s location on top of the engine mount, Mounting bracketts […]

Hall BullDog Work Continues

Fabrication of the R/H Front and rear wing hinge flat patterns are complete, Fixturing in place front and rear hinge plates after heating and bending fabrication of wing hinge fittings and patch plates has been completed for the R/H Fuselage/wing stub assy. With the center rear wing hinge fitting formed and welded in place , the front […]

Pietenpol flap covered.

The pietenpol flap has been covered. This flap hinges so that the flap can be raised so the pilot can get in and out of the cockpit eaiser. The flap has been covered. The flap hinges up to ease transition into and out of the cock pit.

Bulldog work Continues

After getting the bulldog up on the gear fabrication of the wing attach fittings, rudder pedals and brake pedals begins. Here is one of the wing attach fittings getting welded up. Two 1/4 inch plates make for a half inch plate that is super strong. Here is the whole fitting bolted together ready to be […]