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Culver Cadet LFA

Al Mooney’s wooden wonders keep popping up here at the North Cascades Vintage Aero Museum Al Hook of Los Angeles, CA has donated his long time treasure with a 56 year ownership of  Culver Cadet LFA,  S/N 315, NC37806. A little history regarding  Al and his Cadet – Al bought the little wooden speedster to […]

Mirror finish is complete

With Andy getting the NEW 120 wheelpant upto a mirror shine, we`re ready for the Dark green trim on the raised beaded body line, hours and hours just on these two parts!! but the little 120 will be nice!    Fitting the new wheel pant bracketts and overhauled brake calipers, a formed streamlined cuff will cover all of […]

Cessna 150 engine going together.

Liz Kasier , an intern at the museum gets some instruction from the Museum`s Drew Jenkins A&P in proper tourqe sequences in order to  place the continental 0-200A  crankshaft in the crankcase halves .The 0-200 is undergoing a complete major O/H.   Doing some math figuring the tolerances for the new bearings and reconditioned crankshaft, […]

Cessna`s littlest, The 120 work goes on

With a little warmer weather, (55 degrees) Andy applies a coat of epoxy primer to the 120 gear legs and Firewall. With the Continental C-85 removed from the airframe work has begun on a top over haul . Two cracked cylinders were found,  two replacement cylinders and the remaing two cylinders  O/H`d, were replacing the old parts with new pistons,piston […]

Cessna 120 is getting more work

We have decided to take the wings off of the Cessna 120 for a touch up on the wings and to pull the engine off of the front end to detail the engine and firewall. We have removed the wings and the fuselage needs one more cut of compound. Having the wings and the doors […]

Sanding and Buffing Continues On 120

The cosmetic restoration for the 120 is in full swing. Lots of sanding and lots of buffing but the time and effort is paying off. The plane is going to be a real beauty Liz Kaiser a volunteer at the museum sands the fuselage while Drew gets ready to buff the already sanded areas. The […]

Cessna 120 Cosmetic Restoration

This 1946 Cessna 120 purchased by Harold Hanson back in 2000 is an original airframe with fabric wings. The Engine is a C-85-12 without electrical system which keeps the airplane light and is how it came  from the factory. Our goal for this 120 is to bring the cosmetic appearance of this airplane up to […]

Our Youngest Volunteer

We recently received a bunch of pictures and a great story from one of our most active volunteers here at the museum. Kerry Sim is a veteran pilot who has been helping out here in Concrete for a while now, and last fall he started bringing his 15 year old son Cameron along. Cameron is […]

Continental C-85 Inventory

One of our side projects requires some engine work, so when it was time to go looking for Continental parts, we decided to do an inventory of C-85 parts on hand. Turns out we have quite a bit more than we thought. We’re going through everything and deciding what to send out to have cleaned […]