Monocoupe Reunion.

Hello Everyone. We are steadily putting our newest addition 1937 Clip Wing Monocoupe “Spirit Of Dynamite” back together. We have put plans in motion to have a homecoming party here at the Museum June 22,2014 and we would love to see all of our loyal followers out here. We will be have a picnic  lunch […]

1937 Clip Winged Monocoupe 110 Special

Spirit of Dynamite returns home Part 1

So our latest acquisition here at the museum is a 1937 Clip winged Monocoupe. The Monocoupe was originally from the Pacific Northwest. The airplane was owned for the last 15 years by Richard Smith of Franklin,PA. The plan was to fly the airplane back to Concrete,WA this week but due to weather issues it was […]

Culver Cadet LFA

Al Mooney’s wooden wonders keep popping up here at the North Cascades Vintage Aero Museum Al Hook of Los Angeles, CA has donated his long time treasure with a 56 year ownership of  Culver Cadet LFA,  S/N 315, NC37806. A little history regarding  Al and his Cadet – Al bought the little wooden speedster to […]

Another Al Mooney Design joins the Collection

With the end of WWII insight the fertile mind of Al Mooney was once again at work coming up with his next wooden wonder, for it`s time the Culver “V” and the “V” stood for “Victory” was a revolutionary little Speedster which owed much of its design basis from the earlier and successful Cadet series […]

A Stinson Junior SM-8A Joins the Fold

Few things are quite as exciting around here than when a new airplane joins the collection. Throughout the summer Jim came across a handful of interesting airplanes that not only would fit perfectly into our museum, but also happened to be looking for new homes. The first of those airplanes we managed to acquire is […]

Pietenpol Sky Scout Progress

Our Pietenpol Sky Scout has been a background project for a few years now, but has received some regular attention the past few months. We’ve made some progress with the landing gear including acquiring some new covers for the spoke wheels. We have some new springs on the way and once we get the tires […]

Fabrication Continues on Bulldog Controls

Despite a lack of updates here on the website, work continues progressing on the Bulldog. It’s been a busy summer with a handful of airshows and other airplanes that need attention, but the one constant here in the maintenance hangar is constant progress on the Hall Springfield Bulldog. One of the tricky parts for Jim, […]