A Long Nose Fairchild 24 Joins The Museum

Sometimes an opportunity comes along that is too good to pass up. That was the case with the museum’s newest airplane, a Fairchild F24R. With a Ranger engine tucked beneath the long cowling, the F24R joins our growing lineup of Fairchild aircraft including the Fairchild 22 we acquired last fall, the PT-19 that has been […]

The shop mascots

These two culprits are the Restoration Shop Security  Crew, Colt on the left has been getting some dual from the Famous Winnie mae on the right . Colt looks hung over! must be those dope fumes.

Fred and his Monocoupe

Fearleess Fred Ludtke with his old mount , Monocoupe 90AW145  , NC18166 , it`s been over 30 years since Fred flew in his airshow routine , Four G`s Four minutes. It shows you that good things can come around twice!! On a later trip to the Museum Fred and son`s Marc and Rick  enjoyed their […]

Paul Cullmen comes for a visit

Our loyal friend Paul Cullmen visited the museum a few weeks ago with his newest machine, a beautiful Meyers 145 a rare bird indeed. this Meyers has been re-engined with a Fuel injected I0360 Continental and constant speed prop, this combonation makes for a real tiger. Paul lent us his Curtiss Jr pusher two winters […]

Mirror finish is complete

With Andy getting the NEW 120 wheelpant upto a mirror shine, we`re ready for the Dark green trim on the raised beaded body line, hours and hours just on these two parts!! but the little 120 will be nice!    Fitting the new wheel pant bracketts and overhauled brake calipers, a formed streamlined cuff will cover all of […]

Tail Surfaces Fabrication Cont.

In  past month we`ve had custom Main landing gear shock strut springs fabricated along with  custom 5 leaf tailwheel spring set up . A new aluminum Flat pack Oil Cooler for the P&W 1340 arrived from Pacific oil cooler this week , we are fabricating mounts for it`s location on top of the engine mount, Mounting bracketts […]

Cessna 150 engine going together.

Liz Kasier , an intern at the museum gets some instruction from the Museum`s Drew Jenkins A&P in proper tourqe sequences in order to  place the continental 0-200A  crankshaft in the crankcase halves .The 0-200 is undergoing a complete major O/H.   Doing some math figuring the tolerances for the new bearings and reconditioned crankshaft, […]

Monocoupe 90AW145 arrives

Our long awaited Fred ludtke Monocoupe 90AW145 arrived a week ago from Burlington, NC. The photos show the Coupe , the Warner Super Scarab, the long 32` one piece wing and a bunch other parts that all made the trip in good shape. Bill Willmeroth from Deland Florida does a fantastic job in moving delicate projects […]

Cessna`s littlest, The 120 work goes on

With a little warmer weather, (55 degrees) Andy applies a coat of epoxy primer to the 120 gear legs and Firewall. With the Continental C-85 removed from the airframe work has begun on a top over haul . Two cracked cylinders were found,  two replacement cylinders and the remaing two cylinders  O/H`d, were replacing the old parts with new pistons,piston […]

Hall BullDog Work Continues

Fabrication of the R/H Front and rear wing hinge flat patterns are complete, Fixturing in place front and rear hinge plates after heating and bending fabrication of wing hinge fittings and patch plates has been completed for the R/H Fuselage/wing stub assy. With the center rear wing hinge fitting formed and welded in place , the front […]