Jim Jenkins And Our Stinson Junior SM-8A

You may recall that about this time, two years ago, we acquired the Stinson Junior SM-8A. This plane seats four, instead of six like its brother the Detroiter. Junior was aimed at the private owner, initially with a 110 HP Scarab engine. Later more powerful models were produced with 200+HP engines from Lycoming and Wright […]

Unit 1 speaks with Pemberton and his Boeing 40C

As you know, Addison Pemberton and his family came to the North Cascade Vintage Aircraft Fly-In this summer with the exquisitely restored Boeing 40C, which contributed to Boeing’s commercial success! 81 of these planes were built and this particular plane, N5339, has an especially unique history. Hear Addison tell the amazing story of this plane in our video below, as he […]

Our WACO INF takes Margaux and Bella on a ride!

Wow, lucky girls! Margaux and Bella got a chance to ride in the WACO INF as their first ever ride in a vintage aircraft! The girls arrived to our Fly-In this summer on Friday evening and were pumped about the chance to interview pilots and spectators throughout the weekend. To prepare, they wanted to know first hand […]

Bella & Margaux at NCVAM – Scobie, Steve and a Cessna 195

The teenage journalists Margaux and Bella continued their interviews at this year’s North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Fly-In. This time they interviewed pilots Scobie and Steve from Seattle, WA and found out a great deal about the pilots and the plane they arrived in –  the Cessna 195 (owned and flown by Steve). Scobie, a teacher at Margaux’s school […]

Lauren and Anne Rice, High-School Sweethearts

We were so happy to have this lovely couple at the Fly-In this summer. This video features Lauren and Anne Rice, once neighbors of our museum’s founder, Harold Hanson! They flew a Mooney to the event – check out the video below to hear more about their love for flying (and each other!) from Lauren and […]

Bella & Margaux at NCVAM – Addison Pemberton and his 1928 Boeing 40C

  We were thrilled to have our young journalists Margaux and Bella attend this years North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Fly-In. They worked hard and showed impressive skills on their first ever interview featuring pilot Addison Pemberton and his plane – the 1928 Boeing 40C which he flew in to the Fly-In from Spokane, WA and was restored by Pemberton […]

2014 North Cascades Vintage Aircraft FlyIn

This years Fly-In brings the Boeing 40 C, a Staggerwing Beechcraft, Junior Pilots and Guests from the UK !

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since this year’s North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Fly-In, which took place Friday July 25 -Sunday July 27! It was a great success and an absolute joy for pilots, attendees and #avgeek’s alike!  We had gorgeous weather and an amazing variety of vintage aircraft, vintage cars, cycles and […]

A Trip to AirVenture 2014 in Oshkosh

Our very own Drew and Brian where able to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity – flying a 1938 Lockheed Electra 12a Junior, on loan with our Museum, to  The AirVenture 2014 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The trip started at 5:45 am on July 28th, 2014 when the Lockheed broke ground from the Concrete Airport […]

Lockheed L12

Oshkosh EAA AirVenture Fly-In This Week!

  Drew and Brian flew out Monday morning in the Lockheed 12A and arrived safely in Oshkosh for the 2014 EAA AirVenture Fly-In! “The departure at dawn this past Monday morning was breathtaking to say the least, with early morning dew streaming from her props and tail surfaces the Electra lifted her wheels just after […]