Belated Pictures From 2011 North Cascades Vintage Fly In

With apologies for the delay, we finally have some time to get some pictures up from this year’s fly-in. This year’s fly-in was once again a big success despite some weather over the Cascades preventing some visitors from the east side of the state from making it over the mountains. Our best count was around 160 airplanes that flew in during the day. The picture above was taken late in the afternoon, and there are still over 110 airplanes on the ground.

The word continues to spread throughout the vintage airplane community here in the pacific northwest and each year we see several new faces as well as welcome back those who have been making the trip for many years. This year one of the many highlights was the arrival of Jeff Paulson and his Stinson Model O reproduction. Several other Stinsons, including a Junior, made it to Concrete as well to celebrate this year’s featured manufacturer.

Jeff Paulson tidying up the Stinson O for the North Cascades Vintage Fly-In.

Unfortunately one of the airplanes that wasn’t able to make it over the mountains because of the clouds was the Boeing Model 40. Addison Pemberton left Spokane on Saturday morning and made it within about 60 miles before deciding to turn back because of the cloud cover. It’s always a good decision to avoid questionable weather over the mountains, so we’re glad he made the decision and look forward to seeing he and his family and airplanes in the coming years.

1931 Stinson Jr.

Visitors were also treated an afternoon flyby featuring a P-51 and Spitfire from John Sessions’ collection down at Paine Field. The sound of the V-12s roaring through the valley got everybody’s attention and it was great to be treated to multiple passes both formation and each airplane by itself.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s fly-in and have some preliminary agreements to showcase some fantastic historical airplanes.

P-51 and Spitfire from John Sessions' collection making a low pass over the 2011 fly-in.

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  1. C. H. Woodhull
    C. H. Woodhull says:

    To the owner/operator of the Stinson jr.-suggest that you install zippered canvas boots on your landing gear to keep out water & grit!

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