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Waco QCF-2 Cockpit Update

Fabrication of some of the cockpit has been done. The panel for the front and rear cockpit are in place. The front glove box is a nice touch, classic interior styling on an airplane from the 1930s. You can also see the oil tank in front of and below the glove box. We put the […]

Mooney Mite Trading Cards!

Never mind baseball cards, there have been a few sets of airplane cards put out over the years. Most were of military airplanes during the cold war. But several civilian aircraft also made the cut, including one of our favorites, the Mooney Mite. Here are a couple of cards we’ve found over the years. A […]

Vintage PT-19 Info

Just scanned in some pages from the Army Air Forces Training Command – Primary Flying Student’s Manual. The book covers the PT-17, PT-19 and PT-22. Below are just a few pages showing the PT-19 basic information, cockpit and checklist. The whole book is pretty fun to read through with much of the same type of […]

Moving The Stinson

Well we’ve made our first trip down to Kenmore to start taking apart the new Stinson. It’s spent the latest chapter of its life on floats, so we need to get it off the floats, on a trailer and up to Concrete. On the first trip we only managed to get the control surfaces off, […]

Progress on the Waco

Well the Waco 1931 QCF-2 is on the stands and we’re making progress on the wood work. Here are some pictures of the temporary turtle deck coming together. These are used to make sure all the pieces fit and are the right size. Eventually the actual parts (which look a lot nicer) will be fabricated […]