Cessna 120


In early 1945, Congress passed the G.I. Bill enabling personnel from the armed forces to get financial aid for educational purposes after their discharge. Many Aircraft companies saw this as a blessing because they planned on thousands of G.I.’s wanting to get their pilots licenses, so plans for trainers were drawn up and produced. Cessna offered two models the 120 and the 140. The 120 was the similar to the 140, but was a stripped down version which was a favorite for trainers. Electrical systems were optional and upholstery was simple but functional . The 120 did not have wing flaps or rear windows, although windows were added on later models. In march of 1946 the 120s and 140s started to come off the assembly line. With a max speed of 120 mph and a ceiling of 15,500 feet the 120 and 140 proved to be an immediate success. A total of 3,788 airplanes were built by the end of the year. 2,422 were built and sold in 1947 and 835 in 1948. The last model 120 , S/N 14366, was completed on December 15,1947. Standard price was $2,695.00 for the Model 120. The airplane was powered by a 85 hp Continental C-85-12.

This Cessna 120 was purchased in 2000 from a Mr. Jeff Burns in Coupeville WA. The airplane was then flown to Concrete were it is now on display for the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum.


Cessna 120 N77016 S/N-11462
Empty Weight: 778.2 lbs
Gross Weight: 1400 lbs
Max Speed: 120 mph
Stall Speed: 45 mph
Range: 450 miles

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