The Sportsman pilots of the 1930`s that were forced to fly on a budget were taking an interest in the Rearwin Sportster 9000 L Deluxe. Built during the period between 1936 through 1940 approximately 260 examples were manufactured with engine choices such as the LeBlond, KenRoyce and Warner 5 cylinder Radial engines of 70, 85 and 90 horsepower.
The Deluxe version with all the bells and whistles out sold the standard version and was a handsome machine with its N.A.C.A. Townend drag ring cowing , wheel pants , navigation lights and a control system mounted in ball bearings for a nice smooth feel, Edo floats were a popular option only on the 9000L Deluxe.
The Rearwin 9000 L Deluxe in the collection came from New England was owned for a time by well Known Antiquer Darrin Banfield. Due to Darrin`s untimely death in 2000 the Rearwin was purchased by Eric Obssuth of New Hampshire. Eric with a busy schedule never had the chance to reassemble the Rearwin so in the winter of 2014 the Museum saw the ad for the little Rearwin and arranged for the purchase. Museum technicians flew back to New Hampshire and trucked the Rearwin back to Concrete.
Eric Obssuth and Bambi Miller has graciously donated funds in Darrin Banfields name to keep the Rearwin flying for a few years to come. The Rearwin is slated for new paint , windows and a general airframe cleanup and reassembly of the 90 horsepower 5 cylinder KenRoyce engine. As with other projects or flying aircraft the museum is always open to donations to help keep these wonderful machines flying, so please help keep them flying.


Rearwin Sportster 9000 L Deluxe NC1178A S/N D-593
Engine: KenRoyce 5G
Empty Weight: 830 lbs
GrossWeight: 1460 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 24 gallons
Max Speed: 118 mph
Cruise Speed: 108 mph
Stall Speed: 42 mph
Range:490 miles


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