This airplane was purchased as a complete basket case in New York state and transported to the Concrete, Washington where the airplane was completely disassembled. The wings were completely disassembled and converted from PA-22 Piper Colt wings to the Piper Vagabond wings. Every nut and bolt was replaced. The whole front end of the fuselage had bad previous repairs so we removed the bad tubing and ground out the old welds and replaced with new tubing. The airplane was then taken to the sandblasters and bead blasted. It was brought home and primed with a two part epoxy primer from Randolph. The airplane is covered in Ceconite 102 with a Randolph nitrate and butyrate dope finish buffed out with 3M buffing compound. The color is a Lockhaven Yellow with a Newport Blue stripe as orginal factory colors. The landing gears were made new along with the ailerons. All new control cables were installed with new fair leads. New 800 x 4 tires were installed and original wheel pants were also installed. Goodrich wheels and brakes were also installed. All new sheet metal was fabricated form the previous patters. New instrument panel was installed and instruments were scrounged and then overhauled by Keystone Instruments in Lockhaven, PA with new dials and faces then installed.

All new fuel and oil lines were made. The tail wheel was overhauled and installed with new springs. The engine, A Continental A-75, was completely overhauled by Raleigh Gauthiere of Monroe Washington, new slick mags and harness were installed during engine installation. A new Sensenich wood propeller 70″ x 42″ pitch was installed. Interior seats and carpets patterns were sent to airtex products in Fallsington, PA and upon receiving were installed. During restoration this particular PA-15/17 was restored as a deluxe edition which was available in the later production PA-15/17. The airplane was assembled and rigged per Piper specs.


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