In April of 1938 the first Model 8, S/N 802, was built using production tooling. S/N 803 was rolled off the production line in August and was assigned the identification #NC2590. The original type certificate approved the aircraft for only 1,130 lbs gross weight, but Fred Knack felt that the utility of the craft would be greatly increased if the gross weight could be raised to 1,200 lbs. S/N 801 through 832 were produced under the original type certificate and beginning with S/N 833 the max approved weight increased to 1,200 lbs. In 1946 when the Model 8 series were approved for mild aerobatics S/N801 through 832 were not included. The final price for the airplane with the 65hp Continental engine was $1,975.00 but you could upgrade to get the airplane on floats for a total cost of $3,170.00.

his Luscombe was purchased from a Mr. Jeff Burns in Coupeville WA. The airplane was then flown to Concrete were it is now on display at the Skagit Aero Education Museum.


Luscombe 8A N71381 S/N 2808
Empty Weight- 729 Lbs
Gross Weight- 1260 lbs
Max Speed- 115 mph
Cruise Speed- 105 mph
Stall Speed- 45 mph
Range- 500 miles


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