The History and Background development of the Gee Bee Sport Type Monoplane actually stems from the Model X Gee Bee Cirrus Derby Racer that was flown to second place by Lowell Bayles in the 1930 all American Derby.
The Model X with slight modifications emerged into a small line of high performance single seat Sport planes for use by the wealthy “ Sportsman Pilot” of the early 1930`s.The versatile airframe could be ordered with any number of in-line or small Radial engines of the time.
The models as they were advertised and produced throughout 1930-1932 are as follows,
The Model X- Supercharged Cirrus of 100-120 Horsepower
The Model B- Cirrus “ Ensign” of 110 Horsepower
The Mode C- Menasco “ Pirate” of 95 horsepower
The Model D-Menasco “ Pirate C-4” of 125 Horsepower
The Model E- Warner “Scarab” of 110-125 Horsepower
The Model F- Ranger “ 390” of 135 Horsepower
A fast dependable, Sport Flying airplane of any version the Sportster inherited natural abilities to closed course racing , a direction the Company was destine to take.
This particular example Sportster has been faithfully recreated as the prototype for the Warner Scarab series for C.A.A . certification in 1930. The C.A.A. required testing to obtain Commercial production statis for the new A.T.C. program for limited group 2 production.
The Sportster represented here was started in 1985 and test flown in 1991 , construction was accomplished with 95 % of the original engineering drawings and followed closely as possible except for brakes and tail wheel , although the Sportster has been flown with just a tail skid.
The airplane is a spirited character, it fly`s well and every flight is one of meaning. The thought of climbing aboard one of these Gee Bee designs takes you back to the period of “ The Golden Age of Aviation “ , he doesn`t let anyone know who`s in command but himself-the Sportster~~


GeeBee Model E Sportster NC856Y
Engine: Warner Scarab 125
Empty Weight: 932 lbs
GrossWeight: 1400 lbs
Wing Area: 95 sq ft
Max Speed: 155 mph
Cruise: 135 mph
Stall: 70 mph


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