Piper J-5A


Piper’s J-5 Cruiser was the company’s attempt at a three-place J-3 Cub and was first introduced in December 1939. With a single seat up front for the pilot, and a widened rear seat, it is possible to carry three people in the J-5, though the two in the back need to be kids or on the slim and friendly side. The wider J-5 makes a very comfortable two place airplane.

Several of the early J-5s were used by air taxi operators because of the added room and economical operating costs that were similar to the J-3.

In addition to the wider fuselage, Piper added a 75hp Continental with the J-5A, and introduced the 100hp Lycoming in the J-5C. The J-5C also had a fully enclosed cowling which cleaned up the aerodynamics a bit and added even more to the cruise speed (though still less than 100mph).

The U.S. Navy bought around 100 J-5Cs and converted them to ambulance aircraft during World War II. The Navy’s HE-1 could carry a single litter patient behind the pilot with a clamshell door opening the rear part of the fuselage for access.

After World War II Piper changed the designation of its aircraft and the J-5 became the PA-12 Super Cruiser.

The museum’s J-5A was built in 1941


Piper J-5A N38875 S/N 51097
Continental A-75-8 75 hp
Empty Weight – 760 lbs
Gross Weight – 1450 lbs
Cruise Speed – 85 mph
Stall Speed – 42 mph
Range- 300 miles

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