The Fairchild 24 “R” series were designed to catch the private owner flyers. They were neat and pleasant looking high winged cabin monoplanes with seating for four. Standing quite tall, these planes were easy to walk up to and entry was no effort. The new décor was handsome and brought the owner pride in his or her investment.

Post WWII Fairchild Aircraft was aiming for bigger and better contracts which left the venerable F-24 almost an orphan design. TEMCO Engineering of Dallas, TX bought out Fairchild Aircraft and began producing a slightly improved Ranger and Warner powered F-24. Fairchild saw the handwriting on the wall and considered their fabric, wood and steel tube designs. It was time for modernization. TEMCO would incorporate automobile type interiors. With an upgraded 200 horsepower Ranger “6” engine, a stronger, more streamlined heat treated landing gear assembly and equipped with all the fairings and cuffs created a unique beauty.

Construction details had not changed a lot over the years, but subtle things like hydraulic brakes, a full swivel, but steerable tail wheel and ball bearings in all the control pivot points gave the F-24 the smoothest feeling of control available in the field. Normal fuel supply was increased to 60 gallons, giving a substantial raise in range over the earlier 40-gallon setup. Available on twin Edo 45-2880 floats made the F-24 that much more practical. Deluxe features included wing flaps, wheel pants, extra instruments, a hand rubbed finish, interior lighting and optional radios. Although all the extras were nice, combined they gave up about 70 lbs. of useful load.

We are pleased to own both a Warner and Ranger powered F-24 and it is a treat to fly either plane. Handling is very similar. Some differences are: The ranger powered machine is about 100 lbs. heavier empty, where the Warner powered ship is about 7 mph slower as the front of the R 24 is more streamlined. Each airplane has its trade-offs, but both are wonderful flying airplanes. We are lucky to have them.


Fairchild 24 R N81208 s/n R46-109

Horsepower: 200 (Reciprocating)
Length: 24’ 10”
Wing Span: 36’ 4”
Wing Area: 174.3 sq ft
Height: 7’ 7”
Empty Weight: 1650 lbs
Gross Weight: 2562 lbs
Max. Speed: 137 mph
Cruise Speed: 118 mph
Stall Speed: 54 mph
R.O.C.: 800 fpm
Fuel Cap.: 60 gal
Oil Cap.: 4.3”
F.A.F.: $8875.00


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