Corben Baby Ace


The Baby Ace was the world’s first aircraft to be marketed as a home built aircraft when its plans were offered for sale in 1929. Plans are still available and Baby Aces are still being built today. It was designed by Orland Corben. It is a single seat parasol wing monoplane of conventional tail dragger configuration. The fuselage is of fabric-covered tubular construction and the wings are wood. A variety of powerplants may be used, typically in the 65-100 hp (50-75 kW) range.

This Baby Ace was brought back from Maine as a project to Monroe, WA were underwent restoration and completion. The airplane was then flown to Concrete were it is now on display at the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum.


Corben Baby Ace N8034U S/N 135
Empty Weight- 600 lbs
Gross Weight- 950 lbs
Cruise Speed- 100 mph
Stall Speed- 34 mph
Range- 350 miles

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