Reuel T. Call was a successful trucking operator and an air-minded Wyoming rancher who had bought a Kinner Sportster monoplane in 1933. He was so impressed with the airplanes high altitude performance that he and his brothers based their design for their Call Air on the sleek plane. The airplane was built for the average farmer or rancher who worked in the mountains and needed to get into tight spots and out again to check on their herd of cattle or sheep. The airplane could also be fitted with skis for winter operation. The first model was called the Model A which sported a Continental A-80 engine with 80 hp but the airplane did not perform as well as they wanted it to at high altitude airports the Model A-2 was introduced with a 100 hp engine. In 1946 after the war had ended the Call clan decided to upgrade the airplane once again this time with a 0-290-A engine sporting a whopping 125 hp and this time everyone was pleased with the airplanes performance at high altitude and having to carry heavy loads and still being able to perform. The Model A-2 was the most popular model with the farmers and ranchers even though the airplane was offered with a 135 hp engine in the later years. Depending on the equipment the Call Air ranged from $4,000 to $5,000.

This model A-2 has some rare history. The original owner was on a local flight in the vicinity of MT. Rainer. Not a lot is known what happened during the flight but it is said that the pilot while flying spotted a UFO during his flight. This was never confirmed or proven that this really happen but the discovery channel decided to re-enact the flight back in 2002 using this airplane.


Call Air A-2 N2907V S/N 123

Empty Weight- 981 lbs

Gross Weight- 1550lbs

Cruise Speed- 105 mph

Stall Speed- 50 mph

Range- 300 miles


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