Harold Hanson F24Harold Hanson
– As the founder of the museum, Harold’s dream was to create a haven for pilots and aviation enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy airplanes and flying. Harold shared his love of aviation with all of our visitors and was always on the lookout for the airplanes he dreamed of during his childhood. Harold`s Dream machines in particular were the post WW ll light airplanes such as the Luscombe, Aeronca 7AC, Piper J-3 Cub, Taylorcraft and others that pilots or want to be pilots could come out of the war and use their G I bill to learn to fly and then purchase these affordable flivers. The collection has many of these machines which can be seen at many airports today, but Harold`s idea was to have the best of what these airplanes could be in the collection. Another example that you won`t find anywhere else is the famous Shortwing Piper Line of aircraft, the collection has all five of the models produced from the the airplane that saved Piper from bankruptcy in 1947-1948 , the Vagabond through to the last of Pipers mass produced tube and fabric airplanes the Piper PA-22 108 Colt all beautifully restored.  As time marched on Harold saw the need to expand on the collection venue, with Jim Jenkins on board Jim`s recommendations were listened to by Harold. With Jim`s love for the Golden Age Era aircraft more and more machines from that marvelous era began to show up as either projects or flying aircraft and today this has become our main vision and goal to locate ,procur , restore and fly these iconic machines that are slowly becoming more ans more difficult to see and also fly. Harold`s vision certainly lives on with what we are trying to accomplish with the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Collection, We believe  Harold would be happy and proud.


Jim Jenkins – As the Director of Restorations and Museum Operations Manager, Jim uses his 40 plus years of experience as an expert craftsman and Vintage Aircraft expertise to help restore and maintain the N.C.V.A.M`s collection of aircraft . Jim over the past 40 plus year has restored and built from scratch over 30 award winning aircraft as well as building a Recreation Gee Bee Model E Sportster from . Jim`s aviation background has deep roots with his grandfather being a Naval Aviator and Jim`s father being a Sikorsky Aircraft Director of Quality Assurance for over 40 years. Jim`s love of Antique and Classic aircraft goes back to the early sixties where he was born and brought up in South West Conn. Monroe, Fortunately for Jim his parents lived across the street from a small grass airstrip , Monroe Airport. This would become  Jim`s haven till the day the airport closed in the early 1970`s From playing as a kid in abandoned  Stinson Reliants , Curtiss Robins and Fairchild PT-19`s that had become derelict during the late 1950`s and 1960`s and acquiring flight time as early as twelve years old in Cubs and Aeronca`s Jim`s fascination with flight and old airplanes only grew as time and flight hours permitted. By 1969 Jim was pestering his father for his own airplane, what his parents did for his 15th Birthday was find and purchase a 1948 Piper PA-15 Vagabond, a complete Project for $ 500.00. A year was spent restoring the Vagabond and this is were the restoration Bug developed and took of from there. By the following summer Jim turned 16 and was able to solo the Vagabond . What has followed in Jim`s career was Architectural College, 17 years at Sikorsky Aircraft  managing the Engineering Dept. Advanced Design Business Development Model Shop,a Airframe and Powerplant rating with Inspection Authorization.  Beginning in 1995 Jim Started his own Restoration Business , Golden Age Restorations which led Jim eventually to Concrete, WA. and Harold W. Hanson founder of the Collection in 2000.  Jim acknowledges Harold as being the one who spear headed the collection and with years of being a big part of Harold`s life Jim Could see what direction the Collection needed  to go in order for it to sustain itself with what Harold so unselfishly left for the collection to carry on and mature, for that Jim will always be grateful. Being part of a growing collection and having the opportunity to fly and demonstrate these wonderful machines has been a life long dream for Jim, thank you Harold.

007Drew Jenkins – At the age of 5 Drew was introduced to airplanes through his dad Jim Jenkins while they were living on the east coast. Up until the age of 13 Drew  flew on and off with his dad and then he got the bug. At 13 his dad worked for himself in a Aircraft Restoration business and Drew got interested. At the age of 14 his dad bought him a 1961 Piper colt to learn how to fly in while living on the Falmouth Airpark in Falmouth MA. Well due to fabric issues the airplane needed to be restored and Upon entering high school in 1999 Drew started his first restoration. While working on his own airplane he helped his dad with his business every day after school and on the weekends.When he graduated High School in 2003 the colt was completed. The airplane got sold to Harold Hanson and was flown to Concrete, WA where it still resides today. One year after graduating high school Drew and his dad moved out to Washington state where he got a job restoring airplanes for Harold. The spring of 2004 Drew attended the two week crash course at the Bakers School of Aeronautics where he left with his Airframe and Power Plant ratings.Since then he has worked at the Museum restoring airplanes. He is currently working on his Private Pilots license where he hopes to fly all of the airplanes that are located at the museum.


Brian White – As our newest employee here as of August 2013, Brian has had a rich aviation background since the day he was born. Brian’s grandfather was a airline Captain for  Western and Delta Airlines. When he wasn’t flying for the airlines his grandfather was involved in general aviation. At a young age Brian was introduced to all different kinds of airplanes that his grandfather owned stemming from a Cessna 150 to a Beech Bonanza. At the age of 15 Brian was involved with the organization Build-A-Plane run by Lynn Freeman, They participated in the two weeks to taxi program at Glassair Aviation located in Arlington,WA. After Graduating from Mt. Si High School located in Snoqualmie, WA  Brian was accepted to Big Bend Community College  in Moses Lake, WA. There he went through the two year Aviation Maintenance program graduating with his Airframe and Powerplant Ratings. Brian is currently working on obtaining his Private Pilots License  and looks forward to being able to fly all the beautiful airplanes here at the Museum.In his off time Brian is currently working on restoring his 1937 Piper J-2 Cub which was his grandfathers.