Our WACO INF takes Margaux and Bella on a ride!


Wow, lucky girls! Margaux and Bella got a chance to ride in the WACO INF as their first ever ride in a vintage aircraft! The girls arrived to our Fly-In this summer on Friday evening and were pumped about the chance to interview pilots and spectators throughout the weekend. To prepare, they wanted to know first hand how it really feels to experience the rush of flight in a vintage plane, and North Cascades Vintage Aircraft museum director and lead restorer Jim Jenkins thought the WACO would be ideal. And the weather was impeccable. Founder Howard Hanson would be overjoyed to see this next generation of vintage aircraft enthusiasts!

Check out the video below featuring museum president Barry Smith interviewing Bella, and if you listen closely at about :40, for about 5 seconds, you can hear some excited screams during their flight!

Please visit our YouTube Channel, as we continue to publish more videos from this summers Fly-In, and we are planning some terrific new content, including periodic videos of our master restoration artist, Jim Jenkins, working on the Stinson Jr SM-8A!  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here and follow our wonderful stories.

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