Fred and his Monocoupe

Fred Ludtke and long wing Monocoupe 90AW NC18166

Fearleess Fred Ludtke with his old mount , Monocoupe 90AW145  , NC18166 , it`s been over 30 years since Fred flew in his airshow routine , Four G`s Four minutes. It shows you that good things can come around twice!!


On a later trip to the Museum Fred and son`s Marc and Rick  enjoyed their old crosscountry flier, Both son`s were 4 and 7 years old when Fred would launch with one in the baggage compt and one ridding in the passengers seat for an Airshow somewhere in the Pacific N.W. , Oshkosh and Blakesburg. Fred`s last Monocoupe was a Clip Wing recreation of the famous NC2064, Now located in Pa. Boy, would`nt that look great with both Coupes sitting here at the Museum,  Ya and ripping up the skies??

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  1. Bill Halverson November 4, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    In 1939, at Fargo’s Hector Airport, Leonard Peterson flew the finest, crispest routine in NC2064, including a sixteen-point slow roll followed by an extremely slow slow roll. Other meneuvers included a square loop and a vertical eight. I heard that Leonard Peterson was later killed performing a vertical eight (Ohio?). I understand Jaquiline Cochran was the first owner of NC2064. I saw NC2064 at OSH in the late 1990’s.
    I would appreciate any information on this remarkable 110 Special. Thanks.

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