Archive | January, 2012

Pietenpol flap covered.

The pietenpol flap has been covered. This flap hinges so that the flap can be raised so the pilot can get in and out of the cockpit eaiser. The flap has been covered. The flap hinges up to ease transition into and out of the cock pit.

Cessna 120 is getting more work

We have decided to take the wings off of the Cessna 120 for a touch up on the wings and to pull the engine off of the front end to detail the engine and firewall. We have removed the wings and the fuselage needs one more cut of compound. Having the wings and the doors […]

Bulldog work Continues

After getting the bulldog up on the gear fabrication of the wing attach fittings, rudder pedals and brake pedals begins. Here is one of the wing attach fittings getting welded up. Two 1/4 inch plates make for a half inch plate that is super strong. Here is the whole fitting bolted together ready to be […]

The Moment is Finally Here

The moment that we have all been waiting for has finally come. After 80+ years and  hours of fabrication and welding the Bulldog is finally sitting on the gear. The Bulldog finally on its gear. Looking at the right hand gear from the landing gear pivot points inside the fuselage Looking from the rear at the […]