Archive | December, 2011

Museum’s Newest Acquisition: Monocoupe 90AW145

The museum recently acquired Fred Ludtke’s 1940 Monocoupe 90AW145. The well known Fred Ludtke from the Pacific Northwest flew this Monocoupe in over 200 airshows up and down the west coast. The Monocoupe was discovered in California by Eric Minnis of Burlington, NC. Eric shipped the Monocoupe was sent to Burlington, North Carolina with hopes of restoring the […]

Sanding and Buffing Continues On 120

The cosmetic restoration for the 120 is in full swing. Lots of sanding and lots of buffing but the time and effort is paying off. The plane is going to be a real beauty Liz Kaiser a volunteer at the museum sands the fuselage while Drew gets ready to buff the already sanded areas. The […]

Cessna 120 Cosmetic Restoration

This 1946 Cessna 120 purchased by Harold Hanson back in 2000 is an original airframe with fabric wings. The Engine is a C-85-12 without electrical system which keeps the airplane light and is how it came  from the factory. Our goal for this 120 is to bring the cosmetic appearance of this airplane up to […]

Bulldog Landing Gear Continues

Fabrication on the landing gear continues at a rapid pace. The day of the bulldog sitting on its own landing gear is fast approaching and will be the first time a Bulldog has been on its landing gear in 80 years. After measuring and marking and triangulating the fuselage is ready for test fit After Fabrication, cutting […]