Vintage Aircraft Weekend At Paine Field

A few months back we got a call from John Sessions asking if we wanted a P-51 and Spitfire flyby at our fly-in here in Concrete. Of course we said yes, and we have stayed in touch and talked about working together more to help promote vintage aviation around the area. Over Labor Day weekend we were honored to be asked to bring some of our airplanes down to Sessions’ Historic Flight Foundation for the annual Vintage Aircraft Weekend at Paine Field. It was a great opportunity to support his efforts of promoting historic aircraft.

Sessions has put together an impressive collection of airplanes at this museum and over the past few years has put a lot of work into developing the vintage weekend at his facility. This year there was an impressive collection of airplanes including numerous warbirds from trainers through fighters and bombers. On the vintage/antique side it was great to see some impressive airplanes including a beautiful Staggerwing, Addison Pemberton’s Boeing Model 40 and the Mueum of Flight’s DC-2 to just name a few of the airplanes that flew in for the event.

We rounded out the smaller end of the airplanes on display with the always popular Ryan ST-A Special, Call Air, the freshly restored Vagabond and the smallest of the small, the Mooney Mite.

The somewhat rare and unusual Call Air always draws a crowd.

The Historic Flight Foundation really puts on a first class event with a Friday night dinner complete with a live big band and swing dance instructors. There were also several very interesting talks given throughout the weekend making the event as informative as it was impressive simply from a airplane watching point of view.

One of the highlights for us was getting to talk with aviation legend Clay Lacy (pictured at top with talking with Jim). Mr. Lacy flew the DC-2 up to Paine Field and stopped by our airplanes drawn in by the Ryan. He said the sleek 1930s trainer has always been a favorite, but he also spent some time checking out the Mooney Mite.

Clay Lacy checking out the museum's Mooney Mite.

The Vintage Aircraft Weekend has grown into a great event and we were honored to be invited to fly some of our airplanes in for the weekend. We’re already looking forward to 2012 and bringing some new airplanes down next year.

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  1. Gary Middleton December 4, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    The picture of the Mite brings back a lot of good memories of Concrete, Harold and all of you, and particularly of the flight bringing the Mite out there. I’ll be keeping an eye on the calendar try to make it out there this year. My best to all of you. Keep ‘em flyin’!

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