Last of the Piper Vagbond Painting

The restoration hangar has been in full swing over the winter and the Bulldog isn’t the only airplane seeing action. The most recent addition to our short wing Piper collection is nearing completion. Work has been ongoing with the Vagabond and over the past month or so the last of the items to be painted have been checked off the list.

The cowling and nose bowl have gone through a thorough cleaning, priming and painting in recent weeks. This is the last of the major paint work to be done on the airplane. Once the pieces are assembled on the fuselage, we’ll be zeroing in on the final assembly of the interior and a just a few other things before taking her skyward.

And presto! They’re painted. The hangar door won’t look the same without the Vagabond’s face hanging from bracing.

Of course those final few details still means plenty of work to be done. And with this Vagabond being one of the “deluxe” models, there are a handful more details to take care of compared to your typical Vagabond. A peak inside the cockpit shows much of the work has been done, including installation of the beautiful, albeit simple, instrument panel.



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