Archive | March, 2011

Hall Bulldog Gets A New Engine Mount

One of the great things about restoring or recreating a classic airplane is that the learning never ends. In the twenty or so years Jim has been working on, thinking about and researching the Hall Springfield Bulldog, there have been many resources for gathering the history and details about the air racer. We’ll have more […]

New Piper Pictures – J-5A & PA-16 Clipper

We took advantage of some nice evening light recently to add some pictures to our galleries. Last summer we did some air-to-air photos of the J-5A and the Clipper, but we forgot to get some simple ground photos of each airplane. So with sun setting in the west and snow on the mountains to the […]

Barn Find – WWII Wooden Constant Speed Propeller

Some times its the parts that are almost as much fun to find as the airplanes themselves. This was recently the case when Jim was crawling around a barn belonging to a friend of the museum down the river. Amidst the large number of airplane fuselages and other pieces, was a long wooden box with […]

Last of the Piper Vagbond Painting

The restoration hangar has been in full swing over the winter and the Bulldog isn’t the only airplane seeing action. The most recent addition to our short wing Piper collection is nearing completion. Work has been ongoing with the Vagabond and over the past month or so the last of the items to be painted […]