Archive | February, 2011

More Work On Bulldog Gear

We’re continue to make lots of progress on the Bulldog these days. landing gear is coming together and we’ve installed bushings on the gear pylons along with grease fittings. The landing gear on the Bulldog is an interesting design combining ideas from a few other airplanes including the gullwing Stinson. Above you can see the […]

Hall Bulldog Landing Gear On The Way

It’s been a lot of fun seeing the progress being made on the Bulldog over the past month. In addition to the fuselage welding being done to strengthen the frame, a lot of time is being spent on the landing gear and engine mount. Like many airplanes of its era, especially one-off air racers, there […]

Progress Report For the Hall Bulldog

Over the winter, work has picked up on the Bulldog. After finding an engine for the airplane last year, there was a bit of a lull in activity as many other things were going on here at the museum. But with the support of the Hall family and dreams of seeing it fly, the beautiful air racer is back at the front of the line.