Archive | June, 2010

NW Super Cub Fly-In This Weekend!

A bit of a last minute notice, but the 2010 NW Super Cub Fly-In will be held here in Concrete this weekend. The annual event has been held down near Snohomish east of Harvey Field for the past several years, but the grass field isn’t available there this year, so the organizers have worked with […]

So Close, But No 100% Correct Answer

Ugh! We’re not sure how to handle this one, so we figured it is best to channel our inner Alex Trebek and be a stickler for the rules since nobody was 100% correct. We were impressed with how quickly people got close to having both correct answers to the mystery plane and engine, and some […]

New Mystery Plane in the Restoration Hangar

The museum recently acquired a new project and has started work on the little airplane. So far the fuselage has been stripped down and some repair and finishing work is being done on it while the engine sits in the corner of the hangar. We’ve been enjoying the interesting looks the plane and especially its […]