Archive | April, 2010

EAA Chapter 404 Visits The Museum

With the days getting a bit longer, and a bit warmer, we are starting to see more visitors to 3W5. Earlier this month a group of pilots from the EAA chapter in Bellingham flew in (and drove in) for a visit. Chapter 404 member Kerry Sim sent in some photos from the visit, which he […]

Douglas C-54 Arrives at 3W5

Anybody who has spent any time visiting with Steve Bolan here at the airport should not be surprised with the latest addition to his hangar. Steve has an amazing history of building and collecting interesting machines during his time living in southern California. But when he pulled up to his hangar a few weeks back, […]

Great Vintage Photos of Bulldog

In the more than 15 years that Jim has been working on and researching the Bulldog project, he’s found some great photos of the original. After posting a few of them on the Bulldog page a few weeks back, we managed to scan several more and have added them to the ‘photos’ section on the […]

More Pictures of the Hall Bulldog

We thought we should show some more pictures of the Bulldog as it waits patiently in the hangar. It’s been sharing floor space with our Waco QCF-2, but we recently moved it to the other end of the shop so it has more room to breath. We’ll be posting more info regularly during the build […]