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Concrete Vintage Fly-In Saturday

After last night’s rain we were a little nervous about the weather. Waking up to IMC it didn’t look good, but as airplanes circled overhead we knew it was thin. About 10am the clouds opened up a bit and the dam broke on the airplanes flooding in. Dozens arrived one after the other making it […]

Concrete Vintage Fly In Friday

Well after a lot of work all week (and for the past few weeks), the fly in is finally here. The weather forecast for the weekend has been nothing but CAVU and warm temperatures. Even this morning was forecast clear skies all weekend. But by afternoon it was apparent that was going to change. Eventually […]

Concrete Vintage Fly In is HERE!

The weather is looking good, the grass is mowed and the planes are arriving. Tonight there will be a movie at the museum’s hangar and tomorrow is the big day with lots to see and do. For a complete schedule of events check out the image below. We hope to see you here and look […]

Scale Modelers Visit Concrete Airport

A group of r/c airplane pilots had a fly in over the weekend. Despite some windy conditions, they flew their large scale models throughout the weekend. Some of the planes are remarkable in their detail, and even more remarkable in their size. Several 1/4 scale planes were present and a few that were even bigger. […]

Skagit Aero Planes Win At Arlington

Well we debated which airplanes to fly down to Arlington for the 41st annual Arlington Fly In for a few days. We knew the Piper Clipper and Ryan STA-Special were going and we had hoped to fly the F24 down, but the cylinders weren’t back from the shop yet. So in the end we flew […]

More Vintage Brochures

We’ve scanned in some more brochures from yesteryear. The 1961 Piper Colt shows a sticker price of $5995! They do a great break down of costs with fuel running 6gph and costing $.38/gallon!! Also added another Mooney Mite brochure promoting the little plane as the perfect plane for the businessman pilot, sort of the same […]

The Neighborhood

One of our neighbors, Steve Bolan, has been making great progress outfitting his hangar. He and his son Preston are up in Concrete for much of the summer (they’re from San Diego). Steve recently installed his vintage gas pump which was rescued from an airport he used to fly out of in New Jersey, as […]

Stinson SR-9C Bare Frame

The Stinson has been stripped bare. With the exception of the tailwheel, every part, wire, piece of wood and bolt has been removed from the SR-9C’s frame. There are a few repairs that need to be made (see picture below of a broken piece of tubing where the step attaches to the frame), and once […]