Stinson Is In Concrete

A little over a month ago, we managed to get back down to Kenmore and get the Stinson off of the floats and loaded on to the trailer. After a some careful driving, it made the trip north. So far we’ve manged to pull much of the cockpit apart, including the doors. Much of the wood was a bit worse than we first thought and will have to be replaced. It’s also looking like it will be wiser to replace the fabric as well. It’s decent, but with so much work now going into the plane, it’s probably a better idea to do it right.

We’ll be providing more updates in the coming weeks on the progress of the disassembly as well as the assembly of the Waco and getting the engine back together on the Fairchild.

Don’t forget our Biplane Fly-In is June 27-28, the Vintage Fly-In is July 24-25, and be sure to stop by and see some of our planes (including the Ryan ST-A Special) at the golden age of aviation display at Arlington.

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