35th Annual 2017 Concrete Vintage Aircraft  Fly-In Count Down!


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vintage aircraft fathers day skagit

Father's Day Open House 2017

North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum is proud to announce the first open house of the season on Saturday June 17th in celebration of Father's day!
2017 concrete vintage aircraft flyin

35th Annual Concrete Vintage Aircraft Fly-In July 21-23, 2017

The North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum and the Town of Concrete are working to make the 35th 2017 Concrete Vintage Aircraft Fly-In the best ever.

Meet Volunteer Jeff Horn!

The museum is lucky to have Jeff Horn as a volunteer! Meet Jeff and learn about how he became a volunteer at the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum.

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This Piper Vagabond PA-15 was purchased as a complete basket case in New York State and brought to Concrete, Washington where the aircraft was completely disassembled. Read about its transformation on our website ! #ncvintageair
The North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum and the Town of Concrete are working to make the 35th 2017 Concrete Vintage Aircraft Fly-In the best ever.  There will be live music, a beer and wine garden hosted by Anacortes Brewery, free children’s activities, pancake breakfast hosted by Grassmere Fire Dept, food trucks, and most importantly vintage aircraft! Share you photos with us at #ncvintageair
Name this part! ❓❓❓#restorationtrivia tuesday.
T minus 9 weeks, 2 days, 20 hours, and 30 minutes until the 2017 Fly-In!🎉Another view of the Fairchild PT-19 B by @natimagenw 😄
"Jim brings the Museums Fairchild PT19B for a pass at Concrete during the Vintage Fly-In" #ncvintageair
This particular Mooney Mite Serial #315 N4149E was built in 1953 with the Continental A-65. The restoration started in 1997 and completed in 2000 by father and son Ben and Paul Workmen. The airplane was featured on the cover of November of 2001 EAA’s Vintage Magazine! #ncvintageair
"Dave's beautiful Cub takes to air above Concrete Airport in the run up to the Vintage Aircraft Flyin" 📸@natimagenw #ncvintageair
Introduced in 1930, the INF was Waco Aircraft’s answer to customers looking for a bit more power in the economy model of the “F” series of aircraft. #ncvintageair
Fairchild PT-19 B❤️ Find out more about this plane at our website: "" #ncvintageair


My family and I were on a trip heading east on the North Cascades Highway toward Winthrop. After a nights stay at Baker Lake, and short exploration through Concrete we happened upon this museum and airport. We had pulled up in our Westy and our aviation loving teenaged son was itching to get in to see the planes.

The staff here were so friendly and interesting.  From the moment I walked in I could see why we were led to this place. My husband is a sheet metal journeyman. The fabrication, wisdom, and knowledge it takes to build and refurbish these planes is truly amazing. It was a privilege to see what the family and staff have done, and are working on, to keep the vintage aircraft in existence.

My son said something like, he is in heaven, looking at all these really cool planes. The craftsmanship alone is amazing, plus the collection of interesting planes.

Alison Rachel

A wonderful vintage aeroplane collection nestled in spectacular scenery – what could be better?

David Atkinson

It’s rare that so many lovely and interesting airplanes are so accessible to a museum visitor. The refurbishment workshops are availble for close viewing, as are associated hangars on the complex. No better place for an airplane fan to spend a lovely summer day.

Mark Conover

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